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Sarasinorum & White-lined Geckos

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  • Sarasinorum & White-lined Geckos

    Hey everybody me again learning as much as I can about a few of the species of geckos I want. Does anybody know about the Sarasinorum or the White-lined Geckos. It will be a ways down the road but I want my own little unique Gecko collection. I have a Crested, Working on a Leo (if anybody knows somebody that has baby or Juvenile Leos love to hear), Will get a Gargoyle from a friend when she breeds hers. Last 2 on my my little Reptilist are Sarasinorum and White-lined. Just want Information for now.
    1.2.0 Crested Gecko (Galaxy, Nanner, Haitachi)
    0.1.0 Leopard Gecko (Charley)

    Business starting in 2017 Awesome Surprises (facebook only atm) breeding Cresties and Gargs! May breed other reptiles and species in the future but for now just going to collect them all!