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  • Leopard Gecko Humidity

    Hey guys I just got Leopard Gecko (stolen from me by my boyfriend) And we have a UTH pad on his warm side (85 degrees f). I keep looking on youtube for info on humidity. My boyfriend did a lot of research and says the humidity which is at 55 consistently is too high and that it needs to be between 20-40… We have his humid hide in there which is a cave with moss that is misted 2x a day and he is a juvenile… His substrate is 3x10 ceramic tile his water dish is small and round… No live plants in there and we have a 75 watt red heat lamp that we turn on at night for him… while the timer we have switches off the pad.

    Just trying to provide as much info as possible, he is also in a 20 long with a screen top. Should we reduce humidity and how do we go about doing this?

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    I would bump the UTH up to 92F so that he has enough belly heat to digest his food and leave it on ALL the time. Is the UTH on a thermostat? I would also recommend trading your red bulb out for a CHE as they only emit heat and no light. The leopard geckos can see the red light. Imagine having a light on all the time while you're trying to sleep.
    I keep moss in my humid hide and only spray once every other morning. It seems to be working fine that way.
    Ceramic tile is a great substrate. I swear by it! It's the only thing I have ever used.
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      If the floor temp on the hot side is 85, then it needs to be higher, as mentioned above. If the air temp is 85 I think it's too high and could dehydrate the gecko. The setup sounds fine otherwise, though I don't think the red light is necessary. Leopard geckos are pretty hardy creatures. I don't worry about the humidity. In the summer here in New England without AC the humidity can get quite high in the room they live in. In the winter with the forced hot air heaters, humidity is quite low. As long as they have a humid hide to use when they need and are not being misted every day (or every week), don't worry about it and they'll be fine.