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Pls help me get my leo eating again

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  • Pls help me get my leo eating again

    My leopard gecko had retained eye caps a month and a half ago, which we fixed, but he didn't eat anything except 2 meal-worms after that. Then about 1 week ago he got an infection in one of his hind legs and we got some antibiotics for it the other day, but he still hasn't eaten since those 2 meal-worms. The vet said higher temps and UVB would help him so we did that. Btw we have tried the meal-worm smoothie thing he always gags it out I'm afraid that will stress him out even more if I do it again. I don't know what to do he is getting quite thin and I'm afraid he may die soon . Any help is appreciated. He is drinking water and his tail is actually not that skinny considering. My parents said he may have to be euthanized.

    UPDATE: We just waved some crickets in front of him and he ate 3 little ones!