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is this an AFT or Leopard?

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  • is this an AFT or Leopard?

    So I've had cresties for a while now and adore them. But the first gecko I really met and loved was an African Fat tail. I chose cresties mainly because of their care requirements. However, at a local (well semi local, 40 minutes away) I decided to go look at their AFT that seems to have been there forever... she was a brown/stripe. Well I went to look at today they had 2 geckos in the tank. The other was very cool looking and very friendly, needless to say I decided to take him (her?) Home. Now I'm wondering... did I actually get an AFT or is this actually a leopard gecko? Can't say that I've seen an AFT colored like this before, but I am still pretty ignorant when it comes to patterns/morphs. What do you think??

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        Definitely a leopard gecko, but I'm no good with leo morphs!
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          You've got yourself a nice albino leopard gecko (no way to determine which type of albino) with a regenerated tail. The care is the same as for AFT except they are more of a desert species and don't need to be misted. A humid hide would be a good addition, though.



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            Thanks for the replies! And thanks for the info, Aliza!