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  • Sick leopard gecko advice

    Hi all! So I got a call last night about this little guy needing help. From what I gathered from his fairly young owner, he's had him for almost 1 1/2 years and he was a baby upon purchase (at a pet store) they told him he didn't need calcium powder and he's been eating crickets. Yikes. Apparently he hasn't eaten in "months" and is acting "funny" it looks like he has some pretty severe MBD going on and he's pretty skinny. He's got a huge curve in his spins that's apparently always been there, he's got a pretty decent underbite and some stuck shed and one of his eyes is gummed shut. Other than that, he's pretty fiesty even though I think he's a bit small for his age. He's been giving him calcium powder for a couple weeks but he wouldn't eat it (thank god, because the stuff he has was cheap ground oyster shells with huge chunks and shards) and he was living with a heat lamp but no heat pad
    So overall he ain't doing too well. I'm going to bring him to school tomorrow and get an X-ray to see how bad the MBD is and check for any impaction in case he ate some of that God awful calcium chunks powder and I'll do a quick fecal to see if parasites are affecting his appetite. In the meantime I'm thinking of syringe feeding him some jumpstart food (some caloric supplement/appetite stimulant paste mixed with a bit of liquid gecko food and liquid calcium, maybe some ground up mealworms?) and seeing if I can get him to eat some mealworms and maybe see if I can get him to shed a bit.
    This is my first sick leo I've worked with, so any suggestions? Especially for his eye? I'm scared of touching it without knowing what's up with it, it seems a bit irritated. Any objections to his first meal before I make it up? I won't be able to talk to my vet until Tuesday
    To my knowledge he should be eating mealworms and super fine calcium powder but I'm going to go double check that after I post this
    Anyways, here's little Fredrick cozied up in his cuddle pouch
    (I'll have to come back and post some pictures, I can't figure out how to do it on my phone)

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    Good luck with him. It may be too late, but it never hurts to try. Make sure he's getting vitamin D3 as well as the calcium. I often dip my finger in water, then dip it in Repashy Calcium Plus (calcium with D3 and other vitamins) and then smear it on the gecko's nose for it to lick off. Wet the eyes gently with a Q-tip and saline solution or warm water. Try to soften up the gunk and remove it. I used to be very wary of using a tweezers near a leopard gecko's eye, but after seeing the vet do it, I've been quite successful as long as the gecko is pretty quiet (or if you can hold its head still). As far as feeding goes, I really try to stay away from puree if possible (it's not always possible) and to keep the food as "normal" as possible, so mashed up mealworms, or mealworm/cricket guts would be a good way to start.



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      His eyes are a bit strange to me, it doesn't look like any shed is on the actual eyeball, I can see a tiny bit of bright light grey eye in there. The eyelid is swollen and hardened and I think it might have some shed on it but not much. I gave it some gentle rubs with saline and water and it seemed to make him feel better, I'm going to apply a bit of opticare before bed and hopefully that'll make him feel better overnight
      I want to get him on normal food asap but I want to make sure he doesn't have a blockage first