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  • Do I Need To Gutload?

    I'm going to be getting a leopard gecko soon. The crickets for it will be feed fresh carrots and apple slices. I am going to be dusting the crickets before every feeding with Repashy Calcium Plus which includes Calcium, D3, and vitamins. Do I need to feed the crickets anything else or will the fruits and vegetables be good enough if I'm also dusting the crickets?
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    I vote for fruits and veggies plus a dusting of calcium being sufficient. If you are extra worried, though, you can also offer the crickets some gecko food.
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      If you are feeding fresh fruits and veggies, you are gutloading! Just be sure you are feeding those items 24-48 hours before offering the bugs to your gecko. It allows the food to be processed in the bug's digestive tract, which helps transform the plant nutrition into more readily available forms.
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        Feed them the veggies at least 24 hours before feeding them off. A note about crickets, they have a fast metabolism. If you don't feed them off all in one meal, count on gut-loading multiple times. I'm a big fan of dubia roaches. They have a much longer digestive tract among other big advantages. I encourage you to try them out. I get mine at Very reasonably priced.