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First Time Getting A leopard Gecko Please Help

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  • First Time Getting A leopard Gecko Please Help

    Whenever I try to replace the food for my crickets they jump out of the Cricket Keeper and get away. To fix this I'm going to be buying a tank to use instead. What size does the tank need to be to stop the crickets from jumping out when the tops open?
    1.0.0 Crested Gecko

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    I keep a lot of crickets at a time, so for my 1000 adult crickets I use a 10 gallon tank with lid. You will do fine if you keep just a few crickets with a 5 gallon tank or even a 2.5 gallon tank with a lid. Put cricket food (gut load) on the bottom on one side, put egg crate on top of that so the crickets have a place to stand and put some of that gel stuff (the cubes of cricket liquid made from the water crystal stuff) in jar lids on the other side.



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      You could just buy a small plastic tub from Walmart or something about the size of a 5 or 10 gallon tank. So much cheaper.

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