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Mourning gecko finally found out how to chirp... Behavioral question

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  • Mourning gecko finally found out how to chirp... Behavioral question

    The name of the gecko itself speaks about the sociability, the thing is, I only ever had one. I purchased her in November of 2014 and was completely aware of their vocalizations. It took 8 months before she finally started chirping.

    Has anyone else ever kept a single Mourning gecko and if so when did they first start vocalizing?
    + Has anyone kept multiple mourning geckos and kept record of when they first started vocalizing?

    I'm wondering this to further understand the sociability of this species. I want to know if keeping multiple Mourning geckos together from young will initiate their vocalizations at a younger age then if one would be secluded since newborn.
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    I currently have a single Mourning Gecko kept on her own. I picked her up at an expo on March 13th. She chirped for the first time on May 14th.

    One of my cats trills and chirps a lot (he doesn't really meow) and I think she may have been responding to him? She now chirps every once in a while.

    On April 28th, I picked up 2 more Mournings from the same colony, with the intention to add them in with my first gecko. They are from the same colony and began chirping immediately with each other. Even before I got home and I added them to their quarantine tank!

    I hope this helps.
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