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Sick Brown Anole: Likely severe dehydration and bad shed

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  • Sick Brown Anole: Likely severe dehydration and bad shed

    Whilst picking up a new thing of CGD that my petsmart gladly shipped in for me, I was looking to see if they had any new geckos in yet, that was a no, but I noticed that they had a single, lone Brown Anole who was just laying in the back of the thank, and looked like he was dead. I asked the Pet Care manager and he said that they didn't know what was wrong with him some kid came in and said that he had found this anole's egg last year and raised him up but didn't want him anymore, so he sold the anole to the store. He was in horrible condition already and looked like he wasn't going to last the car ride home. The manager gave him to me, knowing that I had experience with Anoles since I own several very healthy specimens and said if I could nurse him back to health, great, if not, then it wasn't any of my money lost. Right now I have him in a 9x6x8 Kritter Keeper with some small pieces of vines, paper towel, and a small water dish. He's drunk a little, but one eye is constantly shut and the other rarely opens, but when it does, it looks very dry. He is very active now, constantly running around, but he keeps his eyes shut. His tail looks like it's dying because it is just turning darker and darker. I put him in a sauna for about 15 minutes every 2 hours and have gotten one layer of shed off of his head, but the other few are stuck right to it. His skin also doesn't stay standing as long when I do the pinch test, but it does stay for about half a minute. I would upload photos, but I currently don't have a phone or camera. Any help at all is appreciated!

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    I'm sorry about the anole! I don't have any experience but the sauna seems good, and minimizing stress so don't handle too often.

    The eye issue could be a vitamin A deficiency. Make sure you use a good supplement and gutload insects on squash & sweet potatoes.

    Tenting of the skin (skin turgor) is not a great way to judge dehydration in reptiles but it's very likely he is dehydrated - most captive reptiles can quickly become so.
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      He has gotten much more active now, even climbing the sides of the kritter keeper. He doesn't seem to want crickets at all, so I've been feeding him little bits of CGD and he readily takes it. I've gotten 2 layers of shed off, and he looks a hell of a lot better than when I found him. One eye is starting open, but more often than not he keeps it shut. I'll try getting some vitamin A supplements this weekend. Thank you very much!


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        How is he now?