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Leopard Geckos + Hamster Wheel ?

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  • Leopard Geckos + Hamster Wheel ?

    Well I got a strange idea last night while handling my Leo...I noticed how he likes to run and walk all around everywhere and I got to thinking, would he use a wire hamster wheel if I bought one for him? It would have to have closer spacing between each wire on the wheel, but do you think that he would use it?

    I've never heard of anyone doing something such as this, so maybe I should give it a shot.

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    It would probably be bad for his back and I don't think its a good idea for other reasons as well.


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      I definitely would *not* use a wire hamster wheel. I'm not sure a wheel is a good idea in the first place, but if you want to try it get a solid floored one, like this one.

      I don't forsee this being a good idea though...JMHO
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        I know of one leopard gecko who has a wheel. He doesn't use it every day, maybe two or three times a week, but it does get used. He'll run like a bat out of h3ll on it for a few minutes, rest, poop, drink, and go back for a few more minutes. It might be coincidence, but this leo is in great physical shape. He does get good care, so maybe it's nothing to do with the wheel, who knows? It's also not my leo, but an acquaintance of mine.

        I'd say that as long as the wheel is a big enough diameter that the gecko doesn't have to bend too far backwards, it should be fine. If he's got the option to use or ignore it, then let hime decide. Reptiles are pretty good at avoiding things that cause pain, so I wouldn't worry all that much if he does use it.
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          Get a large wheel!

          I have six leopard geckos and an african fat tail that share a tank together, I have a 16in wheel for them and they all love it. They frequently go for walks, or runs on their wheel, as long as the wheel is large enough so their back doesn't have to bend for them to walk then there shouldn't be any problems, i've had this wheel for two years and they all check out healthy and perfectly fine at the vet. This does all depend on the gecko and whether or not they want to walk on the wheel. However, it is sort of hilarious to see them running full speed on the wheel though, their little legs move so fast! My personal preference is a 1/4in wire wheel, their feet can't fall through, or get caught, it may be a little difficult to clean if they poo on it, but my experience with the solid wheels is, they just don't like it, I'm not sure why but they prefer the wire wheel to the plastic one.