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New Adventure- Mountain Horned Dragon

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    Originally posted by J.Bosley View Post
    If anyone keeps these guys let me know! I want to make sure his setup is correct:
    30 Gallon Tall Tank
    85-90F in the basking area
    UVB light right next to basking light
    Night light for at night to keep it around 70F
    Waterfall for moving water
    Humidity is between 60-90% at all times
    Branches to climb, reptile hammock, log, branch for basking, 2 half logs and a bendy vine

    Last night when I put him on the vine he stayed there. When I checked on him this morning he was sitting on his waterfall. He hasn't moved from the waterfall all day! I decided to put him on the reptile hammock under the basking light and he didn't even move from the position he was in when I set him I moved him back to his waterfall. I am just going to leave him for a few days, try feeding him and see if he moves....yikes!
    Congrats on your MHD! I have two of them and have things in the works for another 10 in the fall to start a breeding program here in Ottawa Ontario Canada.

    Already been mentioned, but definitely could use some more height. You can do something as simple as what i have done with our Bibron (this is a 15G tank with a 30" 'addition')

    Click image for larger version

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    Getting back to the MDHs,

    They do NOT need a basking spot. Temperatures over 84F will kill them. However as yours does look a little on the unhealthy side, temps in the 80-82F range would be good. Mine stay in the 76-78F range during the day and drop down around 69-72F at night

    I have no experience with those waterfalls, but as stated, something that is easy to disinfect would be the best right now til you get him healthy again.

    With the humidity I usually let my enclosures 'dry' for a day or two during the week to prevent mold buildup.

    Other than that you got everything, provide lots of vertical/horizontal branches for climbing on, mine spend 95% of their time hanging out on branches near the tops of their tanks.

    Again congrats on the MHD!


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      Thanks everyone! Mike has been to the vet, no worms, yay! Clean bill of health. Once I set up his fogger, BAM he started eating
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