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Lighting Advice on Custom Enclosure

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  • Lighting Advice on Custom Enclosure

    I have a 5 month old Bearded Dragon that will be needing a bigger enclosure soon. Glass enclosures for a 90+ gallon get pretty pricey and I like the look of a wooden enclosure better. I've done the research on construction, decoration and ventilation, but I'm stumped on the lighting/heat. I would like to make sure she is getting adequate UV and temps in this enclosure, but I am not sure how many of what lights I will be needing. The planned size is 5'x2'x3' (LxWxH). If anyone could supply some advice or perhaps a similar enclosure I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Providing proper UVA & UVB is paramount. I recommend using a Mega-Ray bulb. They are expensive but I feel they really offer what your beardie needs.

    Mega-Ray website:

    They really have an in depth website which will answer questions you have and questions you haven't thought to ask.

    I personally have always used glass tanks but I think wooden enclosures are probably the best, if set up properly. Ventilation is extremely important and can be maintained easier in a wooden enclosure, if open top, than a glass tank.

    I'm sure other members will have some advice or suggestions. Beardies are pretty popular pets.
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      I've got a pretty good feel for what I need from the site, thank you.

      If anyone else has advice feel free to tell me. I would like the enclosure built and running for a week or so before I transplant her so that I can make sure the temps are where they need to be and constant.


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        i think a pair of T12 would be perfect, providing that they produce the heat and UV needed. they usually are 48", so they'll just about cover the entire tank. if more heat is needed, you could always set up a side with a ceramic heat emitter or heat bulb if necessary. also, be wary of depth. i'm assuming that you'll be making a custom hood? just integrate the lighting properly into that and everything will be ideal.


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          The plan had been to do a sliding door on the front of the enclosure.