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    Long story short, this little guy/girl was found by my dad in an electrical box, and a few minutes and quick searching for my kritter keeper and setting up later, s/he's currently in temporarily. What I'm trying to figure out is what specific species.

    Pardon the quality. Phone Camera. I'm personally assuming it's a house gecko species since it's one of the only gecko species here in Mississippi.
    And yes, I know taking animals out of the wild is frowned upon. But it wasn't me, and plus, even if he is native, it's way too cold to release him.

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    Sorry I have no idea what he is but he's beautiful!
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      It's a Mediterranean house gecko or Turkish gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus). They are an exotic that has spread across many of the southern states. I've seen them in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and southern California as well.
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        @xxrach: Agreed. This luttle guy/girl's adorable. X3

        @Salzy: I had a feeling it was a Hemidactylus species. Just not sure which one, specifically. Thanks for confirming it. I've also read they're an invasive species here in the South. So I guess releasing this little guy is probably a bad idea, then.


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          They are invasive but not considered harmful because they haven't affected other animals populations. They are small enough to be food for other animals. It is safe to release it! But if you decide to hold on to it they are amazingly easy to care for. I have two and they have tripled in size since I've had them.


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            Just as a quick update, it's almost been a week. While he hasn't really eaten yet, He's starting to come out more often when it's dark, and he's used the bathroom at least twice(Once prior to getting him and the second was mostly urate). He's also got a new 5-Gallon terrarium for his size. I still have no idea how I'm gonna weight a gecko THIS skittish, though. ._.

            Any suggestions?


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              Get him in a tupperware and weigh both the tupperware and gecko together. Then weigh the tupperware without the gecko and subtract it from the original weight.
              (Tupperware+gecko)-(tupperware)=weight of gecko


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                I was able to get the gecko weighed surprisingly. Came out at around 4 grams.