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    Compared to a crested which of these is more,temperament wise, similar? I'm looking for one that is "handelable" and "nicer"; meaning it would tolerate handling and not bite the Heck out of my fingers. I've narrowed it down to these two because I heard gargoyles were more similar to cresteds, and because African fat taileds were docile. The thing is though, I wasn't sure if docile ment they were more likely to bite or not. (I found mixed answers on that.) So, if any gargoyle or AFT owners can answer that would be awesome.

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    Well I don't have any AFTs, maybe one day, some people love them. I heard they are similar to lepoard geckos (my leo hates being handled, but some leos are great with it).

    I have 4 gargs, 2 adult females; one tolerates handling well, will sit with me for a good 30mins or more. The other hates it and trying to get away consistantly and has bitten me twice. Not really painful just startling. I also have 2 babies and while babies tend to be more flightly, my 2 little ones tolerate handling decently well. I think that is in part by the breeder I got them from (Terri the lizzard lady) she handles her baby geckos (not newly hatched) daily so they tolderate it well.

    Everyone will tell you it depends on the gecko. I agree, but I think if you start with an older gecko who has been handled regularly and tolerates it well or a semi docile baby and work with it, then you should be fine. Good luck.
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      I actually bought an African Fat Tail a week ago and a day after that I bought a Gargoyle Gecko. (My first geckos)

      The AFT is very docile ( Calm / "Tame" ) and from reading around forums and other sites, They seem to be the most handle-able gecko from the get-go.. as far as mine goes.. it seems no "taming" is needed. He's already as tame as i would like.

      the only "downside" i guess, would be that he stays hidden all day which doesn't make for an entertaining terrarium.. but I love watching him eat crickets!

      The Gargoyle gecko on the other hand is pretty entertaining to watch. It seems he watches me just as much as i watch him.

      as far as handling goes.. He sometimes gets flighty when i'm trying to get him out of his Viv. He is completely handleable but it takes some hand walking for him to finally relax and just chill on my arm. He's still young though and I plan on working with him as he grows so he can be as tame as I can get him.

      To be honest I like them both but It will take more dedication and patience to have my Gargoyle at the temperament I would like. (calm, and not flighty). I also understand that this can be a personality trait of the gecko and may never change but I don't mind working with him to find out .

      BTW both have never been aggressive with me and I have never been bitten by either.
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        AFTs, in my experience, are extremely docile and I've never encountered one that was difficult to handle. They're very calm and I recommend them to everyone. Gargoyles seem to vary more in temperament; some are grumpy and will nip while others are easy to handle.
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          Don't know about Gargs (but looking into them for possibly my next gecko...if I don't go with a Tokay first lol totally opposite I know!) but AFTs are much like leos, but even MORE docile! My leos each have a different personality and each one is VERY different...AFTs will have varying personality, but usually it is not terrible distinguishable and for the most part is either active or lazy...and even the active ones settle after a bit. The babies will scamper and jump just like any, but they calm more quickly than the leos, so probably more like the cresties as far as how quickly they can 'tame'...though as mentioned above, few require actual taming...I've been bitten by one leo, and my lavender bold stripe snow male feints at me during sheds, but has never made contact and is otherwise super luffable, though hates being caught! lol Silly lizards the lot of them!

          I'm a bit partial to the fat tails though because I find them SO freaking adorable!!! And, I like petting and squeezing them a bit (NOT enough to cause stress or a dropped tail, the geckos don't even notice or care lol).

          Also, dunno what a garg feels like...but AFTs feel like velvet!!! The ones I've handled anyway lol