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  • Gecko ID help

    Saw this tiny guy at the pet store yesterday and was wondering what it was. very small(~2.5") and wasn't able to climb the walls of the tank, even though he appears to have the appropriately shaped toes, so I'm assuming a terrestrial gecko. Can anyone help me out?

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    looks like a Stenodactylus to me.

    heres a picture link :
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      From what I'm seeing the toe shape of most stenodactylus look different to me though. I could definitely be wrong though.


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        Marbled gecko? I'm not familiar with them, but I remembered another recent thread about them. It looks similar if googled.
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          looks like a house gecko to me.... i see these guys on my porch all the time. they can climb (might just be in shed) and eat flys/crixs
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            The house geckos are Hemidactylus turcicus, and this doesn't quite look like those - we have them all over South Texas too. The feet don't look right - should have more claw and more slender toes - and from what I have read they do poorly in captivity, so it wouldn't be a likely pet store gecko.
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              Meditteranean gecko. I have four and they are super, super easy to take care of. I keep mine at room temp, no lights ( but my house temp never drops below 71 or higher than 74). They do well on paper towels and like to hide. They are nocturnal but mine know what a cricket bag is and come running out when they hear it now. The largest one I have actually tolerates being handled pretty well.

              After I had a guy tell me some geckos laid eggs in his mop and he hatched them and they were still all alive months later I figured they were much hardier than people gave them credit for lol. hope that helps.

              Ps, my largest one has also never been able to climb the walls, even though the other three I have can. I have no idea why. She's healthy and eats like a horse. Never had shed issues either.