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Strophurus Intermedius issues. Please help!

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  • Strophurus Intermedius issues. Please help!

    I have bought 1.1 proven (but not bred) St. Intermedius recently and have a couple concerns that I need help/advice.
    When i bought them from a reputable breeder i was so ecited as I had never worked with this particular species before. As soon as I was home and put them in separate enclosures, it seemed as though they were a bit lethargic and weak. the seller had told me that they were cooled previous to the sale, and that before he had bred them, he had wanted to sell them due to interest in other projects. so i thought "well, let me give them a couple of days to settle it", so thats what i have done. At this time, I am concerned- they have not climbed ONCE, no interest in a heat fluxuation, the female moves and hunts but is 100% ground dwelling but the mae is 100% ground dwelling and doesn't even move much at all (no climbing at all), and they seem weak/lethargic.
    They DO seem aware of thier surroundings and they HAVE/DO eat crickets offered. Please help in any way possible with advice, ect.... i really appreciate anyone helping as I am very scared they are in bad shape at this point. Thanks in advance....

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    How long has it been, exactly, and did the seller bring them to a show or ship to you? I wouldn't be overly concerned just yet, as it's still relatively soon after purchase, but with such an interesting species, I understand your worry.

    It's possible that they're both observing the new territory before establishing a routine, and so are disinclined to move around too much until they know for sure what's what. As long as they're getting supplemented/dusted crix and seem to be eating well, this could be the case, but I'll let someone with more strophurus experience weigh in.
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      I would definitely continue talking to the breeder, if you aren't already. If they are a reputable breeder they are most likely concerned with the well being of the animals as well. If you haven't already done so, try taking pictures of the enclosures and send them to the breeder. Wouldn't hurt to post them here as well.
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        I think I have a handle on things now, however i need new sand for the tank. I am thinking Hermit crab sand, as it is pure beach sand and FINE as heck.....i'll mix that with some eco-earth/coir and be good, i think. the heat issue has been resolved, and even though i am still a bit concerned, i am not nearly as concerned as this morning. You're right that it hasn't been long. only 2 days. thanks