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    Hey guys I just got a white lined gecko and I have read alot about their care, but I was wondering if anyone on here works with this species. Its just he seems like a wild caught and I have been taking the time to work with him to help him see I won't hurt him and well he still screams at me and is pretty angry. I'm just hoping that he will mellow out soon. Also what is the best stuff for a cut on geckos, I ask this because he has a cut on his lower lip and I don't want that to stop him from eating also we don't have a reptile vet for my area. My daughter named him Luke I will get pics here soon.
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    Well I don't know much about white lined geckos, but I coincidentally just put a blog post up about wound care for cresties- I attempted to put two females in the same enclosure and ended up with a few bite wounds to treat so I thought it might be helpful to others. .


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      that was great help i think i will try the honey just water it down for him.
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        I have asked others also, if you have or get a live Aloe Vera plant, the sap is great for healing and moisturizing too. Just pinch the end off one of the leaves and put the slippery stuff onto any wound or burn even.

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          White Lines are rarely bred so the chance yours is CB is very slim, otherwise the seller would likely have specified. Thus it needs quarantine time to preferably be wormed and have a chance to settle in, which any new animal needs anyway especially before frequent handling. Forcing interaction on a new and highly likely fresh imported animal is unneccasary additional stress that could make things worse. An injury on the front if it's mouth is likely from rubbing on the side of an enclosure so it would be good to monitor behavior to see if this is an ongoing thing or just from poor care where it was imported to.
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            I have a pair of WC White Lines (with eggs, so maybe CB babies soon!) and I echo what Kita is saying. I rarely handle my pair because I have them in a display viv and I don't want to interrupt their breeding/natural processes, but I have had to grab the big female once or twice for moving. When I do try to handle her, I move slowly and approach with flat palm that I slide under her belly and encourage her to run onto my hand by gently tapping her butt/tail end. She's a very calm girl, probably because of her size, but my male is much smaller and will hide in his pvc tunnel instead. Don't ever try to grab or pluck them up off of a surface; instead, always slowly slide under them with a flat hand and gently cup them from beneath. This works much better and is less likely to net you a bite! Mine will also gobble down CGD, so I offer them dabs on my finger, to get them used to seeing my hand move towards them in a positive way.

            A reminder: White Lines are related to Tokay and Golden geckos, and can deliver a painful bite if pressed. They're typically able to be tamed down to handling, but you never want to force or rush them into it, unless you feel like losing a bloody chunk of finger!
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              Ok then maybe the aloe might be the way to go, also I kinda had to handle him just due to the injury. He can be a bit mouthy but really he calms down a little. I just looked at the wound and it looks a lot better but a little swollen. I just want to keep him alive and make him happy. He is the first that I have seen in his species. Maybe once he heals up and calms down I would like to get a female for him.
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