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Installing heat mat without sticking to tank

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  • Installing heat mat without sticking to tank

    I bought one of the exo terra heat mats for one of my Leo tanks,
    But the problem is that I really dont want to stick it to the glass,
    Im not sure if im keeping that exact tank, as well as hate having it stuck in that one spot for the rest of its life

    Anyways, anyone have any ideas? Can I stick it to something else with like aluminum tape, or duck tape? Like a piece of wood or tile?

    Any advice would be awesome =)

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    If you peel off the paper and stick it on with the original adhesive it's not hard to remove it. If you don't want to, you need something called "Nashua tape" which you can get at those home improvement stores. Nashua tape comes in rolls the same size and shape as duct tape, but it looks like aluminum foil with a paper backing that you pull off. I've found it to be much better than either electrical tape or duct tape, both of which tend to sag after awhile.



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      But I cant reattach the heat mat in a different place if i stick it the tank. Can I? Without damaging it, I had one on my old tank for a couple months and it didn't work after i ripped it off


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        Generally it's better to stick the mat to heating/electrical-safe tape than it is to just use the adhesive, since, you're right, the mat sometimes won't work if the adhesive is no longer sticky, but I've removed and re-stuck a bunch of mats without having tape on them; you just need to be gentle and not rip. Also, when you're setting it in place, use the little rubber risers that come with it to keep the tank elevated off the mat, and it should be easier to remove.
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          I use magnets.



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            Buy a piece of plexi glass to stick it on... Easy fix.
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              Brilliant ideas! where do you buy plexi glass? What else can I stick it on?


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                I usually pull off the adhesive and stick it to a sheet of tin foil the use foil tape to attach it to the tank

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