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new tokay breeder, quick question.

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  • new tokay breeder, quick question.

    This will be my first year attempting to breed tokays, im not a novice at breeding reptiles but I would like input on how to Incubate the eggs if they are glued to the terrarium glass? Or if there is something i can do to get the female to lay her eggs else where?

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    If she lays them on the glass leave them be. They should incubate fine if temps in your cage are correct. Mind you I have not bred tokeys but would like to down the road in a few years. If you want to have her lay some where else provide plenty of hides like cork bark tubes, etc. So if she glued in there you can remove the tubes to incubate out of the cage. I believe tokeys will gaurd their eggs though, so be careful when removing I heard their bite hurt. I would imagine even a tame one would strike if gaurding eggs.

    Hopefully an actual breeder can help you better than I can.
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      The joys of breeding tokays lol. I love tokays but Gargs and other geckos have bred so much easier because make things easier and just lay eggs in egg box generally.. Tokays however will lay their eggs where feel like it lol.. Most times it can be on glass, sometimes in some cork bark etc.. If they lay eggs on glass that it where the eggs going to stay because they will quickly be stuck their like cement. Incubating them in cage is fine however I have ran into problems with the geckos themselves destroying the eggs and even eating them.. I think few of times the eggs might of been bad and they knew it, even though they looked fine from what I could see. Another time it was later on and eggs looking good and not sure what happened but one day eggs gone.. After that I started covering the eggs with deli cup when on glass to keep dumb and dumber away from eggs lol.
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        I want to echo everyone else: leave the eggs where they are. If your tank is at a natural gradient of 80-85F, the female will pick the best spot, temperature wise, and will glue them in place. Our pair laid two sets last year on a branch in the tank, and we left them completely alone; didn't move them or mess with them at all. We've had one successful hatch so far, one egg looks to be a dud, and we're still waiting for the next set to hatch. The first baby hatched on New Year's, and it's a feisty, healthy male.

        Good luck with your Tokays!
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          Reasons Tokays will eat their eggs:

          * multiple females in the same enclosure eat each others to eliminate competition
          * new male introduced to already laying female will eat eggs already there knowing they are not his
          * breeding pair no longer get along
          * eggs were infertile to begin with
          * developing embryo has died

          These geckos are far from "dumb" and are actually considered one of if not the smartest species of gecko. Examples include owner recognition and learning how to open sliding glass doors.

          Anyways, like LCH said, the female will select a secure location where temperature and humidity is good. I've never had any of mine select the glass to lay on because they have had many pieces of leaning cork, tubes, and/or caves to choose from. The problem with trying to remove furniture with eggs is that you would have to be able to keep it exactly positioned how the eggs were laid or the baby will be crushed by the yolk. This species is highly protective of it's eggs and offspring up until males are approaching sexual maturity. Then the father will start running them off, but there is no reason to leave them all together that long.
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            Thank you for all your help! And kita I agree with you on the tokays being super smart my female is like having a dog for gecko, she has learned that I am the one that feeds and takes care of her and only likes me and one of my roommates, if anyone else approaches her she gets defensive :P