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  • Hugo!

    This is my moms baby veiled chameleon, I'm watching him for a couple days while mom is out of town. He is around 3 months old.

    ~Waldo is a girl~

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    Nice Cham. I used to have a few vields and Jacksons
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      I think there are quite a few nice chameleons (minus pygmies, sorry Sarah), but I can't stand how short of a life they have.
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        He's beautiful! I love those guys but they sound like they are so difficult to take care of, especially when they are young.

        Are they?

        What kind of lifespan do they have (since infernal star indicated they don't live long)?
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          I'm not too sure of the life span but I think 5 years is average. They really aren't that difficult to take care of, mom has had hugo since he was 1" long, she keeps him in a large kk with a mesh top, has a heat light/UVB tube. Mists him a couple times a day and keeps him well fed. He was the runt of the clutch but is doing wonderful, he loves to eat, especially silkworms.

          I'm partial to panther chams myself and will probably get one once my mom breeds her's. You can'r beet a male panther for color.

          ~Waldo is a girl~