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  • Hamaheras

    I looked through the old posts but could not find much on these guys. I am thinking about getting a pair but have seen so much conflicting info out there i thought I'd see what all of you could tell me. I know their diet is similar to Rhacys but they need more heat. How much more? Is their skin really as delicate as some say? Are they handleable? I have leachies and these guys look so much like them that I thought it would be a cool addition to my collection. I also teach genetics, biomes and general biology to children as part of an enrichment program (which basically means I don't get paid). They would make a great comparison study but I need to be able to handle them with some regularity. (Not that my crazy leachies are always easy to handle - they are puppy dogs by day and insane monsters at night!) I have almost lost pieces of my hands doing late night feedings - i don't fear much but when a leachie starts barking and growling my reflexes get far quicker!

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    Have you seen any of Max Power's posts about them? search his posts; he has some great pics and can probably get you some too. They seem pretty cool. THe claws are certainly bigger than Leachie claws, though!
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      I have a trio that I got from Max Power. They are one of my favorite geckos!! Mine are WC and when I got them, they were crazy wild... their claws are very pointed and sharp and their mouth is lined with little teeth and a strong jaw. Their skin does tear easily when they are fighting to get away. I spent about one week handling each one before they began to settle down and not offer to bite off another hunk of meat from my finger. My husband thought I was crazy... Since the first month, I have 4 eggs in the incubator and three handlable adults. My females are still kind of flighty but I can handle them once I catch them. Also, when I have the top open on their enclosure, trying to catch one, they will run up from the bottom to the top and do a quick u-turn back down, its like they know where they belong and none of them have offered to run out of their enclosure. Now my male, during the breeding time, he seemed to be losing weight and I was worried so I started catching him every night and hand feeding him out of a syringe. Now I can pretty much just reach in and un-stick him from where ever he is stuck to and take him out, no problem. He will sit and lick the syringe until he is full. Its so cute!! One time he was sitting on my hand and I turned my face to fill the syringe, when I turned back, he jumped right on my face!!! Also, now that they have calmed down, they hardly ever use their claws on my skin, unless something startles them(like the dog or cat) and they think they should make a fast get away!! I only ripped the skin on my males face the second day I had them, that's because he was struggling so hard to get away and he had just bit me HARD. They still get nervous when someone new comes around or one of my dogs,but then they are WC so I can't blame them....I'm hoping my babies will be calmer since they are CB.... hope this helps!!


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        Thanks for the replys, I have a pair of Hamaheras coming next week. I have had my eye on these guys for the last year or so and the price was right ($20/ea) so I jumped on it. They are CB, which is even better. WC animals can be such a headache! Any more info before thay arrive would be grealy appreciated, especially regarding temperature. I really try to stay with "room temperature" animals, but I have beardies, BTS, leos, AFTs and a few others that need heated up. I keep my Leachies in 40 breeders turned uo on one end...and modified a bit. Is this a large enough enclosure for a hamahera pair? (obviously, not in with the leachies)


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          There's a fair bit of info available online, but chances are you didn't find much because it's spelled "Halmahera"
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            i've had two trio's for almost a year now and i love em. i have only torn the skin once on a male who is a bit nuts and was fighting to get away. also they quit trying to bite about a month and a half after i got em, thank god cause they have one of the meanest bites i have encountered and they always draw blood.

            beyond that, mine absolutely love t-rex cgd. they prefer their temps in the 80-90 deg range, hotter the better. i have fed mine horned worms (the funniest thing to watch) crickets and roaches.

            mine are all in the 80g range. they dont like to come out of their houses but useally calm down once their out.

            any other questions feel free to pm me.


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              Thanks for the temp info.
              As for the incorrect spelling, I found it spelled so many different ways my head was spinning. I also found conflicting info on their scientific name. I checked no less than six different common and scientific's crazy.