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  • Chik - Mourning Gecko

    One of my hatchlings I have decided to keep. She is partially hand tame. Not like Pandora but I think she will be. She chirps if I hold her tighter than she likes and it really makes me laugh, so her name is Chik, like the sound.

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    Absolutely adorable! How did you get them hand tame? My girls run from me whenever they see me.
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    RIP Willow, Darwin, Tara and Chai. I miss and love you all!


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      I spend most of the time just believing Kyle when he says all three of ours are still in the tank. I don't think I've seen two of them in weeks now. I'm very envious of you, we'd never be able to do that with ours.

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        Amber, Pandora has always been tame so I can't say there. Chik hatched out a little tamer than the others, I could just catch her a little easier so I started to hold her. The less you grab at them the more relaxed they are, so I usually sit down on my bed to hold them. If they hop and run, it's easy to get them before they get away. Hand walking when you first take them out helps calm them down. Once they are calmer you can try a light stroke on their back. Don't talk or make noise while you're holding them, it seems to startle them a lot. Gradually they just accept more and more petting and handling more and more. So I guess I tame them down like you do anything.


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