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  • New Momma!

    Yay! Kensi's currently laying her first clutch!

    See, she's all happy, too. lol

    She's already laid 2 (watched her lay her second, it was so cool!) and she's still sitting there with her tail up...possibly more coming?...I have the incubator all ready, with a Sharpie nearby. Going to wait until she's completely done. And the past few days, I thought she was just ovulating. Boy has she prooved me wrong.

    I'm glad that for once I woke up early this morning. lol I saw a gecko in the laybox and at first thought it was Abby, but looked through the top and found it was Kensi. "She's almost NEVER in the laybox" I thought. So I looked around to the other side and found an EGG! Kept watching as she laid another. They certainly look bigger than the dried up one I found outside of the laybox....possibly fertile eggs this time? Can't you tell this is my first clutch, too? lol

    And the proud father....

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    What a stud muffin! Congratulations on the eggies!!! they're sooo cute too! I love the way Leos look with their blinky little eyes. Ours always greet us when we come to say hi! (they think they're getting mealworms though, so maybe they're just GREEDY! )


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      Congrats! And cute pics!
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        love these guys! thanks for the pictures.
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