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2012 Leopard Gecko Breeding Groups

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  • 2012 Leopard Gecko Breeding Groups

    Okay so I am getting pictures organized and figured i would post here.
    The first post will be Half of the Magical Geckos breeding groups.

    If you would like to be put on the list for any particular babies let me know..
    Blood cross babies are already going fast

    Ok here we go..

    Sunglow Group not pictured

    First The normal group.. I need to add a couple more females to this
    Male on left

    This is a random Normal, high yellow, snow Group
    Male on top left

    This is a SHTCT/Tang Group.. i need a few more super hypos females
    top left is male that is Colby SHTCT Possible giant Het tremper(still young)

    SHTCT/ Giant group. Need to add a few SHTs here also (Cant seem to find many though) local
    Male on left SHTCTB Giant

    Raptor Group
    Male on top.. The female is Breathtaking

    Pacific Green Group
    Male bottom left

    Giant Group

    Hue (male) Bottom Left Giant Jungle Tremper
    Giant SHT Het tremper middle
    Top Giant Normal

    Tremper Group
    Hue again in the bottom middle
    Ghost Trempers in the middle
    Jungle Tremper Top right

    Diablo blancos
    male on left

    Maybe the best for last
    not that i dont love all the groups but im super excited here

    Blood cross group
    Top right male Super hypo Blood
    Bottom Cindy SHTCT paradox
    Top left (I really have no clue) but she is smokin SHT dorsal stripe i guess. kinda looks red stripish but well see how the babies look

    Okay her is Ryans half

    Bandits(banditxhallowen mask crosses)

    Bell tangerines AMAZING (Bright albino)

    Het Radars (JMG)

    Dreamsicle male Raptor females

    The male is the amazing looking one

    Eclipse group

    Giant Tremper male
    Super tangerine Tremper female Both from JMG

    Male is blood raptor

    Red stripes



    Super Snows

    Tang enigma Group

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    Ooh, you make me want to start my leopard collection XD All of them are so pretty! (Though I really love the diablo blancos and the sunglows)


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      Good luck!
      You'll have a LOT of babies.
      I've always loved the bolds and bandits for some reason.


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        Me too...

        looking at a min. of 300 babies to 800 all depends on how well the females do.