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    Started pairing up the Phelsuma last week.

    Started off with a bang- a bad bang; Maeva and Mirov (the two P. standingi) just could NOT seem to get along; constant chasing, biting, squabbling- I finally separated them after Mirov managed to latch on to one of Maeva's toes and it was bad. (She ended up losing the toe, though the wound seems to be healing well.) Turns out my suspicions were founded- both are female! *sigh*

    So Mirova ended up with the new enclosure all to herself:

    That disaster made me nervous about pairing up the P. m. grandis, though I am 100% sure on their genders... but I finally went for it today. With MUCH more success! So far there has been no chasing or biting at all, just a bit of headbobbing and Amando's licked Adria's tail a few times. Most of their attention has been sticking their noses in all the corners of their new digs lol They actually seem to be doing really well together (much better than I was even hoping for), so fingers crossed that this continues. I'm quite happy with the way their viv came out- I just need to get some springtails and pill bugs for it now. (I doubt the foreground plants will stay there long term (especially the peace lilly), but I needed to get those plants away from my cat who unfortunately managed to get to them in a spot where I thought they were safe...)



    Their new viv

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    I'm sorry to hear about the standingi! Hopefully Maeva heals up and you can grab a boy or two.

    I'm glad to hear the grandis encounter went so much better. There was a little foot wagging and head bobbing when I did it, but that ended quickly. Hopefully you have a couple eggs in the next few weeks.
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      Nice specimens. What do you have in the lil cup in the last picture?


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        My guess is dusted Waxworms


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          Originally posted by DreadyA View Post
          What do you have in the lil cup in the last picture?
          Phoenix worms.


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            Laura, I absolutely love their set ups.

            Poor Maeva. At least its healing up nicely- who ever is in that second photo.. just stunning. You need to hurry and find some gentlemen so that I can nab a Standingi baby from you.
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              Originally posted by stellarawesome View Post
              who ever is in that second photo.. just stunning. You need to hurry and find some gentlemen so that I can nab a Standingi baby from you.
              That's Mirova. I'm happy to say that Maeva's wound seems to be healing really cleanly, with no inflammation or discoloration that I can see. She's acting completely normal, too- eating, active, still the most tame out of the group.

              And Adria and Amando continue to get along splendidly, as well. I was worried about her in large part because Vicki said the male she had her with last year really beat her up, she's got lots of old scars from him. (That's why Vicki broke up the pair and sold just Adria to me.) I'm really glad Amando seems to be treating her like a gentleman. I've seen lots of licking and head bobbing, but he doesn't chase her if she's not receptive, and she's looking really good- no stress colors or anything. HUGE relief!

              Now we'll just have to see how hard it will be for me to actually find eggs in the little jungle I created for them... lol

              I have a feeling I'm going to end up having to pick up a Standingi male from an expo, since I'm not seeing any single adults males FS online. Fingers crossed I can find some CB males, I REALLY don't want to have to deal with WC...


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                love the grandis set up! And I'm glad to hear the experience has been positive with yours, I'm getting ready to pair mine up here as soon as I get a clean 18x18x18 exo going so it reallyhelps me to hear other peoples' experience with body language and results! Hope for eggies soon, and I'm glad Maeva's healing quickly! I'll keep my ears to the ground for male P. Standingi for you!
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                  Thanks Saille and good luck with yours!

                  They're really fascinating geckos, very different in "personality" and behavior to the Cresties.

                  And Adria and Amando have continued to get along just splendidly. They've mated at least once that I've seen, yet she has no bite marks or anything (unusual, as P. m. grandis mating has a reputation for being rather rough, especially since they have such delicate skin) and I haven't seen any aggression at all between the two.

                  Adria is looking plenty plump, so now I've got to figure out when she lays and how to find eggs in there... lol