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  • Should I rescue???

    So I went to a pet store I normally wouldn't have today.

    I was purchasing frozen rats for my RTB. Local guy moved to North Carolina since my last feeding so I had no other choice really.

    In this store I saw a Tokay with missing toes from it's left rear foot. It's housed with other tokay's. I had a Tokay once, many years ago, and I had no idea what I was doing with it then since I was a teenager. Poor fella was hiding amongst others clinged to the wall behind a large slab of corkbark. It was adhered to the wall of the enclosure except for it's left rear foot. The wounds are old and not raw at all but still, it held this foot away from the surface of which it was on. Is this the result of keeping with other like specimens or some other incident? They're selling for $17.99 each. I thought about it but I don't really have the room though I could make things work if needed. Should I purchase this guy?.....kinda been wanting a Tokay after so many years.

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    If hes ill it will cost you money to take him to the vet. We successfully rescued two tokays from two pets stores without any vet visits. I was told alot of tokays are WC and can carry parasites.
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      It's not actually "rescuing" if you're buying from and supporting this pet shop.
      Maybe if you asked to take it off their hands?
      But like HelpYouWalk said, that tokay is probably going to need to see a vet or at the very least get doses of dewormer.
      If you think you can give it the proper housing it needs then I say go for it!
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        If they will "adopt" him out to you for FREE, then hell-freaking-yes I say save him!!!
        If they insist on making you pay for him, then like others have said, you are not rescuing him, but enabling the pet shop to continue to sell abused/neglected animals.
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          Get a healthy CB tokay from a responsible breeder.
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            I went back there this past Tues. To see if my "taking him off their hands" could be worked out. Oddly enough the gecko I saw was no longer in the enclosure....what's weird...nobody knew what I was talking about! Neither of the two employees working in the reptile section had a clue. Idiots...I won't be going there ever again. I'll just have to find another source for frozen rats.

            And yes Will, I think if I do decide on a Tokay it will be CB and healthy.


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              my guess is it probably died and they didn't want to own up to how horrible they are!