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  • Question about leos behavior

    Alright so I went over to geckoforums and posted a thread asking the same question since I heard there was more Leo people there but I have yet to have any replys to my introduce yourself post or my question post so now I'm here to ask the people who always reply with very helpful info.but anyways I have four Leos two males and two females all in separate enclosures and lately I have noticed that my females are just absolutely lazy! Every time I go in to my Reptile room there either in there humid hide or regular hide even at night were as my males come night time there up prowling around there enclosure making all kinds of racket lol even there eating behavior is very different ,very rarely do the females ever take an instant intrest in there food were the males are going beast on the crickets just as soon as the crickets feet hit the ground lol anyways I was just wondering if the behavior difference between em is normal? Thanks in advance for your reply

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    this time of year if there is a significant drop in the temperatures where you are living, most geckos will go into brumation. its triggered by changes in the light cycles and the temperature, and it just sounds like your females have picked up on it while your males have not. if there is a difference in temperatures between your males' and females' cages, that could it explain it. and if their cages are in different locations, that could be it as well.
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      What Rubberduckey said^!
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        Oh Okk lol that's understandable and a big factor for me cause one the highs during the day here right now is in the fifty's and two I live in a downstairs backside apartment that has no windows in the bedrooms which doesn't help any. So in order to maintain a decent temp I keep the under tank heaters and a red heat light running at one end of the tank 24/7. And for there twelve hours of daylight I have a three way light fixture with blue daylight bulbs on a timer.