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0.2 Kochi?? errrr 0.2.2???

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  • 0.2 Kochi?? errrr 0.2.2???

    So I guess the two girls I purchased well over a year ago are both not girls... Just glanced at the tank and Surprise!!!! lol. Then mad dash to set up KK, was a little late for one of them, -tail. So now I need to go research p.kochi baby care
    Click image for larger version

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    Does any one know if they are egg glue-ers, do they bury them, and where would I find the eggs? They are not obviously placed
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    THAT'S where I left my baby geckos? Sorry about that. I'll come by and pick them up tomorrow.


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      Kochi are non gluers.They lay them in relatively dry spots. They wont be buried. And you can find them somewere in your tank. Im not sure what your tank looks like so its hard to say were the might be.


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        Congrats! Females even tend to be territorial with each other so if they got along that's a good indication of a breeding pair. How long have you had them?
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          THANKS! I have that nice big chunk of wood at the back, I bet they laid on the back side where I can not see! I am just kind of worried that there might be more eggs and would rather not have any babies become snacks. I wonder if that has happened.

          I got them the Halloween before last.

          Well Syn if you come by you may have one!
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            Be there in three seconds.

            They are incredibly cute. Congrats on the little surprises.


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              lol want a couple more?
              lets just say I have a lot of stuff


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                I've been thinking about venturing into these....
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                  Were they adults when you got them? Could be a case of retained sperm and you might still have 2 females...?


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                    Congrats! They're adorable.
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                      They were juvies, I think they have more then tripled in size. soo sperm is possible. it does look like one is more bulgie then the other. soo I am guess the big one is a boy.

                      The babies are just plain adorable, I will take a close up of one on the morrow for you.

                      I think two is just right, and now two more... thanks for the offer mellissa, but I have a feeling there will be more . I just wanted a couple of day geckos to look at.
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