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help understanding leopard gecko morphs

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  • help understanding leopard gecko morphs

    Alright so I need some help understanding the morphology thing.I have been doing non stop research on the internet about breeding and morphs and I get different info and answers on every sight I've read so I figured I'd just ask someone on here who actually has experience and know what there doing lol alright so first ill tell you what I've got and understanding of what I've gotten from research. I've got one that I believe to be a normal female (default pic on profile ) she is a high yellow color with black spotting and lil bit of purple on her tail.and in just a few hours ill be acquiring a male and female Tremper Albinos and then also have a male that's white with dark coloration and spots all over him on loan for when breeding season comes up.but anyways from what I've gained from research I've done is if I breed the two Tremper albinos I wont get albino hatchlings ill most likely get normals.but if I breed say my normal female with my Tremper male then her eggs will be 50% her for Albinos and the rest this true PR is this false info? Anyone that could just give me a quick run down on how it works I'd greatly appreciate it

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    * het
    ** or


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      Here's a morph calculator if that helps you:
      Crested Gecko 1.0 (His name is Frogner!)
      Leopard Gecko 1.0 (His name is Vastervik!)


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        Thanks very much! That helped a good bit


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          Hopefully the morph calculator has let you know that your conclusions in your first post are incorrect. If you haven't already found this information online, you should also check out:

          --article I wrote in Gecko Time that explains some of the basics of genetics in leopard geckos:



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            Yes I did find out my conclusions were incorrect lol but like I said you research one thing on the internet and you get a thousand different answers lol so that's why I decided to ask on here from actual people with experience. And I will read your article shortly thanks


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              Read your article and I must say its absolutely amazing and very helpful! Thanks much.