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  • Look into the eyes

    Was misting Freya tonight and she let me get a couple close-ups of her before walking on the lens then up my arm. For being a WC/LTC Eben, she is super friendly and enjoys coming out of her enclosure to walk on me. The other 2.2 Ebens are very friendly, but she is by far the most social with humans.

    Check out her teeth in the above photo, not once has she ever nipped at us.
    Andi - Gray Sky Exotics

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    Haha. Hilarious.
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      That is one cool a$$ gecko
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        Excellent shots!


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          GREAT photos!!!
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            My WC Sikorae is also super friendly. I imagined she would be psycho crazy, but she's one of the calmest geckos I have. These are some awesome pics
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              Isis (my little ice princess) in shed


              Andi - Gray Sky Exotics


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                I hope you are successful breeding these! What awesome photos and beautiful geckos!!!! Love them!
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                  Awesome pictures and beautiful geckos!
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