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Hathor is getting old...

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  • Hathor is getting old...

    Well I knew the time was coming, my girl is getting up there in age, she turned 11 this year. This year I have noticed her fat pads on her head have decreased, she is not nearly as active, doesnt move around as well, she sleeps alot more, and although she always eats, her food intake I have noticed has decreased this year. Today she seems to have more difficulty moving.

    Now 11 years old isnt too shabby for a bearded dragon, they tend to only live around 8 so my girl has lived a long life. It is just hard to think of her as eventually going as she has been with me for so long. I write this as if she is already gone but she is still quite alive. I just check on her right away when I either way up or when I get home from work to insure she is still alive. She looks at me like "hey ma!"

    I have always said odds are high I will always have a bearded dragon in my life, although their poo stinks to high hell, their personalities just simply win out for me. I have considered Rankins dragons, but just not the same as my big gentle giant.

    Just felt like posting, I know I have one of the older beardies on this forum, does anyone else have an old lady or an old man? Here is Hathor, nothing brightly colored but she is 22" of pure cuteness

    lets just say I have a lot of stuff

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    Hathor is beautiful! It looks like she has had and is enjoying a wonderful life.

    My son's beardie only lived to be 8. He was devastated when she died and is just now (2 years later) thinking about another one. We have a bearded dragon specialty store very close to us and have been going in there the last few months to help him heal. He wouldn't even look at them at the pet store because she had been his best friend.

    Enjoy all the time you have left with Hathor and try not to think of as almost gone


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      OMG, that last pic is SO cute, with the kibble of lettuce on her lip! I can totally understand the love for beardies, though I don't have one. they're extremely comical and just so cool when they're friendly and mellow!
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        We had a beardie that lived to be around 14 years by our estimate. He was my sister's but we got him after she moved across the country, and we never had a definite number on his age. 14+ was our best guess.

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          My girl, Fidget, died at age 10. I believe she could've lived longer, but she had an issue with excessive egg laying. Twice a year, she laid 2 clutches of around 50 each, 3 weeks apart. We bought her as a hatchling and she was never with a male. Despite our best efforts at keeping up with her nutritional needs, the depletion of 200+ eggs per year was just too much.
          My best wishes to Hathor!



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            Hathor had a good day yesterday. When I woke up she was basking happily, she ate a roachie, and half a bowl of her greens to which she seemed to get to alot better, she must have felt pretty good yesterday. She reminds me of old people with arthrisis, they have good days, they have bad days, and there really isnt much I can do about it. Everything is lower for her...well for a couple of reasons one she is huge and things like hammocks never worked for her big butt, but two her being older now, I dont want her to hurt herself so I removed a taller rock from her enclosure since she never sits on it anymore.

            Hathor hasnt laid eggs in forever, she has actually never fully burmated either, she is my weirdo beardie, she only gets less active but her food intake would never decrease. But whatever she and I have been doing, apparently its been done right. I have had alot of trial and error with this species as I have been working with them since 98', and have become a crazy lady about so much so I couldnt bare to be a mod for a bearded dragon group I had to "retire" because the people were frusterating me so badly lol. I am happy now just to help out when I get emails and swoon over my old lady. Maybe I will stop by the pet store tonight and buy her the rare treat of super worms, she would like that.
            lets just say I have a lot of stuff


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              As awesome it is to get to watch them is just a sad. But she looks quite happy.
              Glad to hear she had a good day!
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                Aww Hathor is adorable! I think she will enjoy those super worms very much! It doesn't matter how much red, orange, yellow, or blue she has, I'm sure everyone can see the beauty in her spirit. Hathor seems to be in very good condition so I bet she has had one of the best lives a bearded dragon could ever have. Good luck and best wishes to the both of you.
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                  She looks quite 'aloof-a' in the bath... :-)
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