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  • Vorax Gecko Info?

    Hey all... I was wondering if anyone can give me a very brief run through on the care of these guys. It seems like they are basically the same as leachies just cheaper? Also if you have them and have pics, feel free to post them. Thanks in advance...
    2.2.6 (+ many eggs) Crested Geckos - Rhacodactylus Ciliatus
    2.2.0 Hogg Island Boas - Boa Constrictor Imperator
    1.1.0 Ackie Monitors - Varanus Acanthurus
    0.2.0 Ball Pythons - Python Regius
    2.2 (+ many eggs) Corn Snakes - Pantherophis Guttata
    0.1.0 Sonoran Gopher Snakes - Pituophis catenifer affinis
    1.0.0 Bearded Dragons - Pogona Vitticeps
    1.0.1 Rankins Dragons - Pogona Henrylawsonii
    1.3.0 Leopard Geckos - Eublepharis Macularius

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    Here is a site with some info and care about them

    There is a picture of a cage setup on the site

    One thing to mention though...they are not a reptile that should be picked up often..they are kind of delicate


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      yep their care is jsut like a crested except they like it hotter. 80 - 90 during the day. and u can handle them, u just cant be rough with them. these things a re a very underrated species.
      they have so many desiriable qualities i cant understand y they arent more popular. they are very vocal, they are good breeders, u can take em out and actually play with them. they are really smart.
      and they think their chameleons, they will blend in with whatever their sitting on. hell i have opened lay boxes and seen the dirt looking at me, she wasent buried but she was the exact color of the dirt.
      i currentely have one species, the common vorax, im getting in the true vorax real soon as well as a species i im pretty sure doesnt excist in the states at the moment.


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        my trio

        I have a trio of vorax and they are at the top of my "favorites" list( of course, I guess all of my critters are up there!!) Out of the females, one is sort of a spaz, but I attribute that to the fact I haven't spent as much time with her as the other two. She is still handleable. When I did receive them, they were all real flighty, but with time and patience, and a few painful bites(my hubby thought I was nuts!), I can hold all three without any trouble. The other female will scurry from me when I go to reach for her, but settles down once she is out of the enclosure. Now my male, he is so totally awesome... He will allow me to reach in and just pick him up and hold him. He actually gets handfed every night. He sits on my hand and licks the syringe as I feed him. One night I turned my head away to fill the syringe and when I turned back, he jumped on my face!! And stuck there!! He's a card!! I have already gotten eggs out of my girls and they are gravid again... I don't know much about Leachies so I don't know if they have the sharp little toe nails that the vorax have, and yes, they are sharp. But now that mine have settled in and such, they don't seem like they use them on my skin so much anymore... Another thing about them(mine anyway) is if I have the cover open(I have a cover with a hinge in the middle the long way)and have both hands in the enclosure, they have never offered to run out the top. They will run up the glass, but always do a quick u-turn towards the top and head back down. They seem to know where they belong. I am so glad that I got them.


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          where are they native to?
          2.2.0 crested geckos

          1.0.0 phelsuma quad. CB!


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            Max, the pics you posted showcase the talons on those little guys! It's a good thing that they don't always use them! My husband is still agitating for some, by the way; it will probably just have to wait until we move (like my viper geckos).
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