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Arizona Gecko ID? (DUW)

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  • Arizona Gecko ID? (DUW)

    I have found a bunch of these little geckos around, this one is obviously very young. They are always hanging around the outdoor lights trying to catch dinner. This is the first one I've ever been able to catch. I abducted it for a few minutes to take pictures and then let the little one go. Does anyone know what they are called?

    I took a ton of pictures here are the ones that turned out. Thanks for looking.

    Me putting it in a deli cup.

    They are very fast.

    Here's when I let it go, it let me snap a few more pictures.

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    Ah yes, these guys are Hemidactylus turcicus, or Mediterranean House Geckos. They're not native to the US, but have several established colonies in the warmer states. Fun little guys, and you got some neat shots of the one you caught!
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      Mediterranean house gecko Hemidactylus turcicus


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        Thanks to both of you! I love seeing these guys at night.
        Formerly known as eel588, new name same great taste!


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          thats awesome!! i wish we had more interesting wildlife here in the uk lol
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