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  • So... ackies...

    I'm hearing a lot about ackies (Acanthurus Monitor) apparently being great pets, small and hardy and such, but I'm still not sure. I've read the Pro Exotics care sheet and a few others, but I see contradicting info and such. I'm going to go with the PE one, but that's just a basic care sheet with no photos and such.

    So, uh, tell me about yours. Photos of set ups and someone holding adults (because I can't visualize sizes and I can't find any photos of definite ackies being held on google), the odd quirks yours has, etc etc.

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    Ackies like all monitors can become very aggressive if not properly cared for. You must provide some tight hides and high enough temps for these guys. Also one can easily eat 2 dozen large crickets so be prepared for some big feeding bills. Also availability is low for these guys so be prepared to shell out 250 to 400 to get one of these guys. Babies are rare and are often snatched up quickly so you will most likely end up with an older specimen or one with health issues. I don't wanna sound negative but you always need to be weary of online dealers because not everyone is honest. I have been wanting to get a pair for 2 years now but lack of space and lack of funds has been a huge factor. Hopefully I will have a good next two breeding seasons to add to the ackie fund. The PE care sheet is a great care sheet for these guys so that's about all you will need. If you get one of them I am sure Robyn will be more then happy to help you out they are great people over there at PE.
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      I have one adult. Love the thing. It's not exactly excited to see me when I walk in in the morning but a few crickets thrown his/her way does wonders. They can put down a lot of insects but the feeding bill isn't so bad, especially compared to larger species. I'd go with the pro-exotics care sheet for general info.

      PE recently had a large fire that wiped out they're snake collection and at least a few monitor eggs. Apparently most of their lizards were in a separate building so they might have them available though... Also they do very well with info but they are likely very busy at the moment.

      They are not terribly hard to find on the 'net but they are expensive. But remember, compared to the long term costs of a larger monitor or other lizard, a higher up front cost is very little.

      Oh, be sure to let the thing dig.
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        I've got 2 red subadults i'm housing in a 55 gallon glass tank with screen lid at the moment with plans for a cage about double that as they grow. They are super active, food monsters, love to dig, have their own bed time, are very diurnal and as someone else stated like any monitor can have a bad attitude if not dealt with constantly and properly. They are a big commitment as far as good caging, lots of food, and ample heat supply go but they are awesome to watch. They are not a big monitor at all but can get pretty hefty. Like I said, mine are still young and only about 1/3 grown but I've seen adults at a few expos and they do get some good girth to them lol. They're about the length of your forearm and 2x as wide at the belly if well fed. They're inquisitive, observant, and definitely trainable to a point. They are tough to get good info on and really hard to sex from what i've seen, but if you just want to keep one or two and don't care about the breeding they do well in groups and PE's caresheet is definitely the one to go to. The conflicting info you're finding is probably just like with any reptile where you get slight differences in care. These guys are very tough and definitely hardy so i'm sure there is a decent range in care instructions that work for various people.
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