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  • Sillygeck's Tokay Rescue

    Sillygeck's sweet sweet rescue, Maxwell, definitely knows she saved him and now he lives the good life getting hand fed his crickets daily. From a phone crash she lost all the pictures of him when he was skin and bones and having to be force fed daily just to get anything in him.

    Here he is from last Sunday, over 100 grams!

    She can't wait for her Tornado/Fujita girl to get big enough for him and neither can he from his calls. Tokay Geckos: Normals, Granites, Patternless, Calico/Pieds, Hets, & Unproven Aberrants Other Gekko species *** 1.1 Leachianus *** 5.10.7 Geckolepis maculata & typica Fish Scaled Geckos *** 1.0 CB Knight Anole
    1.2 Pachydactylus tigrinus *** 1.0 Pyxie Frog *** 10 Tarantulas & 1 Jumping Spider *** Spotted Scales FB

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    Looking good!
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      Yaaaay, he's looking amazing!!
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        4.3.0 Rhacodactylus leachianus - Yatè, Mt. Koghis, Rivière Bleue, purple Nuu Ana, Poindimiè
        3.2.0 Rhacodactylus ciliatus
        1.1.0 Gekko gecko
        2.1.0 Python regius


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          Such a handsome boy! From his current size, it looks like he finally gave in an really enjoyed being had fed by her...he looks amazing!
          Andi - Gray Sky Exotics