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  • bearded dragon encloser qustion


    im making my first encloser its 4 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet and its for my female adult bearded dragon could i put another bearded dragon in there same size as mine female? im going to make a plat form on the left side of the encloser so there is going to be a secound level to make more floor space
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    As long as it's the same size it is ok to keep beardies together. If u add a male tho and they are adults they will breed so be prepared for that. Two females can be kept with little to no issues.
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      Probably not. Its not the size of the cage that im worried about. Its the stress that dragons cause to each other. Its not a very good idea to house more than one dragon to an enclosure
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        I would not keep two beardies in an enclosure. Too much chance for fighting and food competition.
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