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    It's hard to tell from the pic, especially since most of it is covered by shed. If you've been increasingly trying to help her with it, that could also be a cause for her stress colors. You may just need to go ahead and catch her, give her a sauna, and slather the tip with something like neosporin (NO pain killers) to see if it improves. Unless the whole tip is black and crusty, then I would test to see if she still has feeling in it.

    If it's dead, put the antibiotic where she can still feel it and, very watchfully, let the shed build to break it off. That's how she would loose it in the wild, but putting the antibiotic around the good part will help it close faster, help avoid an infection, and should keep it from spreading if it's just from a wound. If the tip is dead, just touching it may be all she needs to help it drop the rest of the way. Tokay Geckos: Normals, Granites, Patternless, Calico/Pieds, Hets, & Unproven Aberrants Other Gekko species *** 1.1 Leachianus *** 5.10.7 Geckolepis maculata & typica Fish Scaled Geckos *** 1.0 CB Knight Anole
    1.2 Pachydactylus tigrinus *** 1.0 Pyxie Frog *** 10 Tarantulas & 1 Jumping Spider *** Spotted Scales FB