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    Citrus fruit honestly should be the last fruit offtered to reptiles due to the acid within them. If you are going to try and offer fruit things like cantaloupe, honeydew, and mangos are a much better choice.

    Babies should eat 50+ crickets a day no larger then the distance inbetween their eyes. You feed them 3 meals a day normally they will eat 15-20 crickets per sitting.

    For breeding you have to remember something, you think alot of people breed cresties just wait even more people breed beardies. Now imagine 15-20 mouths eating 50+ crickets a day, most people barely break even when breeding beardies and as a result you oftne find beardies at reptile shows being sold at 2-3 weeks in age so that this way the breeder has invested less money in them. At that age they are dery delicate. When I used to breed the standard was about 5-6 weeks old was when you started selling babies as they are a bit more hardy once they reach that mark.

    As for what makes a good quality breeder, the larger the better. Remember in the wild these guys can get 20-22" and are very robust. So when considering a breeder, look at size first, then color. For me I personally believe they should be at least 20" and at least 500g. My last breeders, my male was 23" and pushing almost 700g while my female (which I still have) is 22" and is normally around 580g.

    Will your beardie ever make it to that size? It all depends. Often beardies who have been raised poorly (I am not calling you a bad beardie parent, you simply didnt know, but at least you do now ) but they grow rather slowly as compaired to other beardies their age. Some will reach full size, others may not. She could stop growing at 16", she may reach 18", more then likely she will not reach that 20" mark unless she came from very large parents. If breeding is something you are considering, you may just want to sit back and let her grow for another 8 months, which will give you plenty of time to learn if breeding is for you or not as this species is not an easy walk in the park like crested geckos.
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      My beardie loved collard greens, kale, mustard greens, dandelion greens, turnip greens etc. the key is to vary it so they get a balanced diet. Check this nutritional guide for info on what you can/should and can't feed your dragon.

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