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Got a new gecko! She is my first! Pics!

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    I think this is (and probably will continue to be) a hot subject for all leo owners.
    The fact is calci sand is bad news. They lick things on a regular basis as they move around. If it is calci sand, you can bet she'll lick it up on purpose getting her calcium intake.
    Anyone that has watched a leo die first hand as a result of impaction never wants to see anything even close to that happening again. It's brutal to say the least. When people know of ways to reduce a risk like this, they should prevent it. It's part of responsible reptile keeping. It's kind of on the same level as allowing a cat to sit inside the enclosure with a leo... Risky.
    If you are wanting a naturalistic look to the enclosure, you could layer some rocks, large enough that they can not be accidentally injested of course, and make sure they are secure enough that they won't topple over.
    What's more important here is that the leo is safe from obvious danger and taken care of regardless of whether it's more appealing to the eye. I'm sure if purple is what you want to see at the bottom of the cage, I bet they sell purple shelf liner. It would make spot cleaning easier as well.
    Just a couple ideas.
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