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    Originally posted by Kita View Post
    Oh I didn't accidently let him out. I set him in there because it would feel like a cave to him instead of using a container that would let light in all around him. I was hoping that would help him feel better and not trapped. My sweet Storm rides under/beside my seat (or whatever dark place she chooses) in the car during the day and crawls all over me and my seat, window and steering wheel at night.
    I suppose that is a good idea after the gecko gets used to you being there with it. I just freaked out yesterday when I accidentally let one of mine loose in the car...we pulled over to find her b.c I was afraid she would get in some small nook we couldn't get her out of. She's a baby and about 4 inches long.
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      Make sure to put neosporin on it, if you haven't already. Hope your finger heals up quickly
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        Kita, I am sorry about your finger! I think you must have kept a very level head, as I might have started freaking out a bit about it. I would be interested to know if that missing part regrows eventually. I know that sounds morbid, but that's a mighty huge chunk.

        Good luck with your job and geckos. BEST of luck with that little ball of fury. Your geckos have always appeared so healthy and beautiful. <3
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          I will say (not as part of an argument) that we sometimes overdo our assumption of the impact of stress on reptiles. Stress is something that affects all animals (including us). Good things and bad things both can cause stress.

          What is harmful to reptiles is long-term stress--a stresser that continues over a long period of time without letting up. Reptiles tend to have trouble dealing with long-term stress. For some species, going for an entire day under stress is very detrimental to their health, while others could go for a couple of weeks and handle it.

          Short-term stress, however, is generally not an issue for an otherwise healthy animal, and it's not something we really need to be that concerned about. Short-term stresses include reasonable handling sessions, cage cleaning, going to an exhibition for a day (for species that can handle that), etc etc.
          Reptiles certainly can change colors for a variety of reasons, but reptiles that are under negative stress don't turn bright, vibrant colors, no matter what the light is like. They turn dull and dark. Most reptiles 'wear their mood on their sleeve', and you can always gauge how their current environment is affecting them by looking at their coloration.

          A bright, colorful reptile isn't necessarily healthy, but it's not under significant stress. (Exception being female chameleons who take on complex warning color patterns to ward off amorous males). Learning to read the warning signs of stress in our animals is a good skill to develop, because a difference in color can be an early indicator of illness or an environmental issue.
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            Oh my god WHY did I decide to read this while eating Spaghetti-O's?!

            Sorry know...your finger.
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              Lol. Its quite healed now, thanks. Avalanche and I have come to an agreement though. He'll take food of the tongs, chases down his crickets, and sometimes takes CGD from a little syringe all from inside his tank and only comes out for tank cleaning.
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                Yeeeeeoutch! I'll keep that in mind while cleaning my tokays.
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