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Leopards vs. Cresteds?

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  • Leopards vs. Cresteds?

    I recently looked into crested geckos as well as leopard geckos. I wanted to know from people who've had experience, which one is easier to care for/which has a better personality? I'm very torn.
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    I love both geckos. You really can't compare the two very well. One is arboreal and the other stays on the ground! The pair of adult female leos I had were a little skittish but never attempted to bite. They need a lot of ground space, whereas cresties need vertical space for climbing.

    Leos eat dusted crickets, which is mainly the reason why I eventually gave mine to a friend. I was tired of purchasing and caring for the crickets as food for the leos. My parents also became tired of having the cricket containers around. Cresteds, on the other hand, mainly eat CGD (which I think is pleasant and fruity) with some insects as treats if desired (mine won't eat insects).

    As for personality, it really depends on the individual gecko. Keep this in mind--when a crested escapes, it can climb the walls. Leos cannot. In that sense it is easier to deal with a skittish leo than a skittish crested.

    P.S. Leos need a heat source.
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      Hey, I breed both,and they both have very good quailitys, my thoughts are that Leopard Gecko's are a little easier to handle and don't require a enclosure that very high, but they eat insects, so you'll need a supply/costs of crickets, phoenix worms, waxies (once in a while). and with Cresties, i know people who only give theirs, CGD only, but I give mine CGD, but also crickets,phoenix worms daily, it's not uncommon for mine to grab 4/5 crickets a day plus finish off most of the CGD and once, no more than twice a week a small cup of baby jar fruit,such as applesauce, pears etc; as a treat and a bit of a change for them,two of my little girls hatched Sept.13th '09 and their over 7 inches in length, they are excellent climbers, so they'll need some height to there enclosure,and as far as handling, they have excellent little springs in there feet for jumping, so you'll need to be careful when handling.
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        It really depends on what you want for a pet. Leos are wonderful they can live in a 10 gal tank with some underbelly heat. They can live on mealworms only if you want as long as you supplement them with vitamines and nutrients. Crickets,waxies and silkworms are good options also. Waxies as a treat though. Cresties also can live in a 10 gal. tank on end with a screen cover. They do not need additional heat as long as they are between 65 and 82 degrees. They too can live on only the CGD diet. you won't need to add vitamines either. They require dailey misting to help with shedding and drinking. Cresties when handled are alittle more spazzy in my opinion. They will settle down once they are out for 5-10 min. Leos,at least mine, settle down right away. They seem to me to be alittle more interactive and happy to be there with you. Cresties seem to be more "ok I'll let ya hold me but I'm still lookin for a place to get away from ya!" I hope that helps you let me know if you have any more questions.


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          I have both, have bred leos in the past and plan to breed both in the future. both geckos are easy to care for, and are pretty hardy geckos. however, if i had to choose between the two, i'd pick cresties, mainly because they're easier for me to keep in the living arrangement i'm in. because leopard geckos need more floor space, my room gets pretty overcrowded with a bunch of 20gallon long tanks, and i dont have the money for a good rack system.

          I like cresteds because they don't need a heat source because my house stays between 70 and 75 (heating gets expensive for multiple cages), they aren't quite as clumsy as leopard geckos, and they have the coolest feeling skin. i'm also really interested in the variety of their colors and patterns. and they look like little monkies.

          i like to have both, but i prefer to work more with cresties than leopard geckos.
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            Originally posted by jedc53
            I love my leopard because it is a way to more fun and better to research.The cresties are way higher maintenance,but I think it is not more fun.Leopard is my first lizard.While Crested Geckos are not very easy pets to have.
            Are you saying there not easy pets to have because there too high maintance for your life style or are you saying that because you think in general there just hard pets to keep? The only thing that may make them harder to keep is remembering to take time out of your day to mist them but if your used to keeping desert animals that don't need misting then I can see where this could become "hard"
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              Both make great first time pets. Leos tend to be a little more active durring the day, mine will walk up and walk around if they hear me coming into the room, the cresteds on the other hand are very heavey sleepers.

              You have to ask yourself a few questions, are you looking for something that requires heat, what about the type of diet are you and your family ok with crickets (who like to escape). Are you able to maintain a cooler temp in the house in the summer (ie do you guys stay under 82 degrees in the house itself)? Do you have the space for either species?

              Leopard geckos as said will reauire heat, an UTH works fine to achieve the temps you need. But they are also live feeders requireing a diet based on insects, and they require daily food. On average a leo will eat 2 feeder insects for every 1" of its body (not my rule, just a rule of thumb I have learned from several breeders that I myself follow as a guideline). It does not require a large tank, a 10-20 gallon for an adult honestly works perfectly fine. These guys will require a fresh water bowl and a humid hide. Daily maintainence on this species is low. Babies are skittish but adults are normally easily to handle. Buyer beware, if your going to get a leo, take the time and find a breeder vs the pet store, most pet stores do not have quality leos, by quality I do not mean morphs I mean health wise.

              Crested geckos however do not require heat and if the temps get above 84 degrees you are in serious danger zone as they are a cool temp species. Crested geckos do not require the feeding of insects at all, fun to watch them eat them, but with the CGD insects are not needed, and most people give them fresh food every other day. Personally I think 15 gallon highs are best for these guys, a 10 gallon will work but they would greatly benifit from something a little larger. They are more high maintainence then a leopard gecko, but in general the maintainence is not terrible, misting 2-3 times a day depending on your location (ie maybe your house is more dry even if you dont live in a hot place), and the changing and cleaning of food dishes. Cresties like leos tend to be more skittish as babies and mellow out a bit more as an adult, and unlike leos who walk through your hands, cresties are jumpers and walkers, but it is very easy to learn in which direction they are about to jump in. If you are limited to a pet store purchase, a crested gecko tends to be of better quality then the leopards, they seem to be a more rebust species when it comes to pet store idoicy. But as always getting from breeders are a much better choice.

              Cost wise, at first a leopard gecko will cost more to set up, crested gecko juvies honestly you can set up a juvie crested gecko for $10-$20, but for an adult crested gecko you could easily spend $200 depending on how lavish you want it to look. Your eletric bill will only slightly increase with the leopard gecko. Food wise you will spend more feeding a leopard gecko, 2 weeks worth of crickets for a leopard gecko will cost the same as it would to feed a crested gecko for several months. Also for leos you will need to offer a calcium supplement, crested geckos are not required it if fed a diet of CGD alone (if you like to offer crickets then yes it will be required).

              As stated there are pros and cons with each. Both make excellent first time pets, both come in many different morphs which are not terribly expensive so you can buy something pretty without spending a bunch. Both require the same size enclosure.

              What I honestly would suggest doing is go to a reptile show and handle a few of these guys as babies, and as adults to get a feel for which you may prefer more. Talk hands on with the breeder and see what other pros they can give you besides what we offer.
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                This topic was well covered by all above, and thanks to everyone who
                posted. I too have both, and enjoy them both. Much depends on your
                individual preference, and good idea as Melissa pointed out, to go to a
                reptile show and get a feel for each species. Best wishes. melissa n.


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                  I actually did just go to the Manchester Reptile Expo on the 11th. Got to see them both and got the same opinions that I've been getting...some like leos better and some like cresteds better Lol. Eventually I'll probably have one of each. I live in NH, so it's pretty cold in winter, and relatively hot in summer, but I usually keep our apartment pretty warm in winter and pretty cool in summer. I think we're leaning toward the leos for the first reptile we get, but I definatly think we'll be getting a crested when we get a bigger place. (Currently in a one bedroom apartment and already have rats and a cat).
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                    well if your thinking of leaning then you made your choice
                    They both make great pets and you will notice many of us own both species. Leos were the second species of reptiles to work with, but obviously as you can tell by my sig I enjoy cresteds a little they rule the house! Either way I hope you enjoy either species you decide to get.
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                      I have trained my leo to eat dubia roaches. They're easy to maintain, don't smell, don't chirp, can't escape, and for one dubia roach fed, it would take 5-7+ crickets to get the same nutrition because of the difference in the meat-to-shell ratios. I also offer occasional crickets and mealworms, but for the most part he's now on large dubia roach nymphs.

                      Honestly, if you hover craigslist you can get some awesome deals on supplies. My leo is in a 10 gallon tank I got for free, with paper towels as a substrate, a couple of hides that cost $10, a heat mat I bought off CL for $8, and a reptile hammock I bought off CL for $4.

                      I also keep crested geckos, and they are neither more nor less expensive to keep than a leo, IMHO. They're housed in 10 gallon tanks set vertically(freebies on CL) using tank clips($4), with paper towels for substrate, paper towel tubes and fake plants from thrift stores for hides($4 and under), and are fed Repashy's Crested Gecko Diet with occasional dubia roach nymphs for treats.

                      I love both species equally, I just happen to have more cresteds at this time. I am probably going to get a hypo snow leopard gecko sometime in the future, maybe two girls I can keep together.
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