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  • Castiel-Then & Now Photos

    Hey guys, just wanted to share some then & now pics of my male boldstripe leopard gecko Castiel. He' is a pretty picky eater and isn't very good at hunting, but he still somehow manages to be kind of chubby in my opinion. =) I really love how his color has changed! I believe he hatched around Aug. 25 2008



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    Hes beautiful! Great photos!!
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      Wow, he's beautiful! Almost makes me want one, but my reptile addiction hasn't yet grown to the point where I'd be comfortable handling and feeding live insects. I'll stick to dead mice and CGD for now.

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        wow, what an awesome patters, he's very handsome!
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          Wow! His coloring has really come in, probably the best color pattern I've seen.
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            Beautiful gecko

            He looks huge.
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              Wow, He is chubby !
              Nice photo example of the color change.


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                Yeah, I'm wondering if he's too chubby to the point where he maybe needs to go on a diet...I dunno. I might post on geckoforums (which is more for leos) and see what people have to say there. I'll have to post some pictures of his cage, though, I think it's kinda nifty looking. ^^