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    Originally posted by leaveittoweaver View Post
    So cute! You're not by any chance selling babies ?
    Not until I figure out which is Storm's first daughter, but I do have 3 or 4 people waiting in line already. I'm getting there. And now I'm acclimating my new morphs so hopefully by next year I'll be producing half morphs with Storm and solid morphs with that pair. But I do still have to figure out what my morphs are I'm afraid. Tokay Geckos: Normals, Granites, Patternless, Calico/Pieds, Hets, & Unproven Aberrants Other Gekko species *** 1.1 Leachianus *** 5.10.7 Geckolepis maculata & typica Fish Scaled Geckos *** 1.0 CB Knight Anole
    1.2 Pachydactylus tigrinus *** 1.0 Pyxie Frog *** 10 Tarantulas & 1 Jumping Spider *** Spotted Scales FB


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      They are tokays Kita lol and that's all that counts hehehe
      0.1 Human- Kyrah, 3.1 Crested Geckos, 0.2.1 Tokay, 1.1 Uromastyx, 0.1 Ball Python, 0.0.1 leachy, 1.0 chewie/crested hybrid, 2.2 RTB, 1.0 golden gecko