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  • White bulbs ?

    So I was reading a caresheet and one of them mentioned, not to buy those expensive pet store bulbs, and I was just curious about these white bulbs, do these provide proper heat ? and what is a a safe wattage ? I know they wont provide UVB, so I would still need that, please just really curious ;D , id hate to keep needing to buy those $70 power suns :-?,

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    What reptile is this for? If you are talking about the compact fluorescent bulbs, no, they do not put off much heat at all.
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      Powersun bulbs are MVB and provide both heat and UVB... there is no replacement for those. For regular heat bulbs you can use normal house bulbs, but not for the MVBs. Crested geckos; 1.1 Gargoyle geckos; 1.1 Leopard geckos; 1.1 Fat-tailed geckos; 2.0 Viper geckos; 1.0 male dwarf rabbit; lots of fish


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        Depending on the animal, I have heard good things about the MegaRay bulbs. They output UVB for a long time when measured (per my vet who has instruments that can measure the UV-output).
        They're usually recommended for beardies and other UVB needing desert dwellers, such as Uromastyx as well and I believe you can only order them online?

        What animal did you need the UVB for?
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          Jaspa are you talking about regular house light bulbs? If so then yes they are fine to use. The special lightbulbs in petstores (non UVB), the ones that say they are neodymium coated or what not, are the same as regular incandescent bulbs that you use in houses. Just they have a special tag that makes customers think they NEED to buy these expensive bulbs. I use 60-75 watt philips day light bulbs for my diurnal reptiles as a basking spotlamp along with zoomed reptisun uvb tube lights.

          But the major question is what reptile would it be for?

          But you will still need a a strong uvb bulb.
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