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Introducing: Reckoner

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  • Introducing: Reckoner

    I got this little one today from Kristi at Ghoulish Geckos.
    She lives near me, so she brought him/her over.
    She also brought me gut-loaded mealies, Reckoner's hide, and some dishes.

    Reckoner is a Tang Enigma.
    I cannot wait to watch this one grow up either!

    Thing about Enigmas are the eyes. They have red/orange/gold-ish eyes.
    I had a hard time capturing the true eye color on camera.

    I felt so fortunate to have someone local be able to sell me a gecko.
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    Wow! Stunning new addition!
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      Thank you!


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        You are on a roll with the new ones! First Piper and now this, congrats!
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          Thank you!
          Well! I'm hoping that Piper and Reckoner are...gender compatible and give me some nice babies in the future.
          It'll be interesting to see what they give me.
          But the gender gods have NOT been on my side this year.
          So I bet I have two females.


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            I love the white marking on his head. His orange is so very vibrant! Just a very pretty gecko!!
            Will be anxious to see if your two new ones can make you some awesome babies!!


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              hehe, it looks like reckoner is smiling


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                Aaiiiiiieeeeee!! Another SUPER cool leo! I'm so jealous, seriously. You are one person on this forum who I would steal all of their animals.

                I do hope that your new kids are "gender compatible" (that term made me LOL), because I'll be on the list for kids! I'm leo-less right now with a snow in the works, but I want a day-glo leo too now. Yay!
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                  CUUUUUUUTE! Both leos, super cute! Grats!
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                    Thanks everyone!!

                    I appreciate the compliments! So does Reckoner.

                    hehehehe, I'm anxious to see, too, if I will be able to breed Reckoner and Piper one day.
                    I've spoken to SOOOO many breeders, and they all say I'm capable of getting a random mix of babies from those two!

                    oooh, you'd know what I'd like to do???
                    I WISH there was a way to make more reverse stripes like Piper, but where Piper's orange is, if I could make some babies with the BRIGHT, neon orange that is on top of Reckoner's head.
                    It would take LOTS of tries, but with that enigma gene...who knows, right?

                    It would take generations to do something like that, probably.
                    A reverse stripe like Piper with the neon orange and the enigma eye.
                    That would be one really awesome gecko!