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Pluto--what did you do?!

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    How is Pluto doing? Hopefully better now? Her mouth reminds me of a Tokay;s mouth, all blackish coloured inside. I really hope she chills out for you soon and makes a complete recovey. . .
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      the only good news i have is when i had her in another container yesterday (before putting her back in her enclosure) she was on papertowels and had pooped. also, she is obviously moving at night because she's in completely different locations then from when i looked at her before bed. mouth, however, still open.


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        Pluto has an appt at the vet at 330 today...i will let everyone knows what happens. i did ask how much an xray would be...$145...omg....


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          Good luck! My thoughts are with you and little Pluto.


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            ok, so i just got back from the vet. are you ready for this, because i wasnt. i didnt know uroplastus' could get this. MBD. i had no idea they could get this. i just hope the vet is right and im not going to make her suffer through treatments and kill her. i was completely baffled when he told me that because i gutload my crickets and everything. and well, i didnt think about it, but yes, somehow the body cant absorb the calcium right. i now have to give her calcium treatments once a day and feed her baby food...he said in about 2-3 weeks her jaw might get some strength back. i really hope he is right...he has no experience with satanics, but he does with other leaf tails. it is really hard to find anyone with experience in these guys. he also said he would be asking around because he knows some people at A&M and a leaf tail breeder.

            now, does anyone know how hard it is to syringe feed a satanic?! im so afraid ill break her!!

            $71 later, pluto is home. i hope this helps her.


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              Oh no. I kinda suspected MBD. Very sorry to hear that. I hope you can still get her to live
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                you know, mbd HAD crossed my mind, i just didnt realize these guys could get it. i guess people are a little behind on these guys compared to cresties where we can feed them the cgd. i wish these guys had a supplemental food where you knew they were getting the right amount of nutrients.

                i also had her given medicine for parasites, just in case.

                i had intended on getting a male and trying to breed her...if she makes it, this wouldnt be possible. poor girl.


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                  Wow, MBD crossed my mind as well, but this was not something I'd ever heard of as a symptom. Strange! But I'm so glad you got answers, sounds like that was a helpful vet. That is really a reasonable price for a visit and treatment too. What exactly are your syringe feeding - straight calcium? I'm just curious about the specifics.

                  Also, does she have a UV light on her tank? If not, that might be something to invest in, to help with calcium absorption.

                  Best of luck, I really hope you have success.
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                    I'd get a UVB light 5.0 or so flourscent type. I used to use 2.0's on my mossies just to make sure I thought they might get filtered light in the forest. Good luck. I lost a female vorax to MBD it sucked.


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                      Oh man I really hope she pulls out for you!
                      I really just thought it was stress till you said she still had her jaw open. I'm glad you were able to get her to a vet and get her diagnosed. MBD had never even crossed my mind.
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                        thank you everyone!! i am going to be buying her a new bulb. i have one but i never really used it because she was getting sunlight (when i say that, she is across the room, nowheres in DIRECT sunlight, just where she gets some when the shade is open). last night when i got back from school her mouth was closed (yay!), but after my mom wanted to look at her (i told her not to because it would stress her) her mouth popped a little open.

                        julie-i cant remember the name of it off the top of my head, i'll look when i get home today. it was fairly cheap...i think 14. i want to say it was a mixture of something. they gave me a whole bottle, and with her she is so tiny she only needs a it looks like i'll have leftovers.

                        im still very nervous about sticking that down her mouth...:/. so scared i'll break her!!

                        i really do appreciate all the support and help guys!! hopefully she will recover.


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                          UVB doesn't pass through glass, so just because she got sunlight doesn't mean she got UVB. Make sure you get that UVB bulb so she can get within 6" of it. I'd also make sure you're dusting your crickets with calcium powder. Gutloading isn't enough for them, especially when she's got MBD. Poor gal.
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                            oh the crickets do get dusted. and i didnt realize that about the glass...i feel really stupid now.

                            she is doing well today, however mouth still open. it is very hard to feed a gecko with a syringe.