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  • Satanic Leaftail Geckos

    Does anyone have or had a Satanic Leaftail Geckos? I have done research on their care, habitat and cost, but could not find anything about their personalities or handling. (If it's anything like a veiled cham, than I don't want veiled is a shy anti-social thing; probably wc.) Any comments/information on the Satanic Leaftail is appreciated, good and bad.
    Andi - Gray Sky Exotics

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    I have been keeping one for a while (purchased from Sarah/Lunar Gecko). They are beautiful, amazing animals, but they are very tiny, very fragile, and not for handling.

    Many you will find for sale are wild-caught specimens, subject to parasites and other issues, so if you do not get a specifically captive-bred animal, be prepared with knowledge to treat them.

    They do not deal well with drastic changes in temps, so make sure before making the commitment that you are able to keep temps at their requirements (ie, if you are living with a parent or roomie that won't let you turn on the AC on certain days they are probably not for you).

    The reason most are wild-caught is because they are difficult to breed in captivity, so keep that in mind if you are looking for a breeding project. & Facebook & Instagram, oh my


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      I have nothing to add to the leaf tails but I must say most veileds are shy and anti social most chameleons are not for handling. There good to look at but not to touch. It takes careful handling to train them to be kinda hand trained. I had one single hatchling that was hand trained and that was it. It's best to start them out young but the moment you miss a handling session they wig out and are completly untaimed again. Chams can be tricky creatures.


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        Yep, they are look at geckos not handling geckos. all the uroplatus are that way and leaf tails are small geckos
        and the zoo


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          Thanks, what I was wondering since they are so small and fragile looking. My veiled use to like being handled, until he got up-graded to his 2x4x4 cage...then he decided he liked his ficus tree more than me.
          Andi - Gray Sky Exotics


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            The bigger leaf tails can be handled once they get use to it. Most you have to get use to it by covering there faces to keep them from jumping. Spear point and satanic, not so much. The one JB got from me was one of the most social ones I have ever encountered as you could hand walk him for a few mins with out causing any really obvious stress.
            Sarah & Jake
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