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    Just wanted to share a before and after of my bearded dragon, Uni. I think she's very pretty but I don't ever intend to breed her as breeding beardies just seems like a nightmare. I initially had her on sand until I realized how much better tile were for me and her. Anyway, here are the pics, she's almost 2 years old and is a total spoiled brat.


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    -Charles Mullen
    I'm looking for really nice chahoua.

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    Shes so pretty!! I love her color
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      Very nice beardie! I love the red. Mine is a citrus so she has more of a yellow and green color. Also have mine on tile which is much better! I tried sand for a whole 10 minutes, lol.
      - Levi

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        Her color is so neat! I really do like the color as to other beardies I have seen.


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          I love beardies and I had a love hate relationship with breeding them! Dang cute little suckers, eat you out of house and home though!
          lets just say I have a lot of stuff



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            Now that is one pretty bearded dragon! Her color is just awesome, very vibrant. I love it!
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              eat you out of house and home though
              That's exactly why I won't pair her up. I remember when she was eating 75+ crickets in her youth. That combined with large potential clutch size and need for UVB lighting.
              -Charles Mullen
              I'm looking for really nice chahoua.


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                She's absolutely STUNNING! Such vivid coloration!
                But yes, I agree, breeding beardies would be insane. They need LOTS of space, TONS of food, and clutches can be huge.

                She's a beautiful pet though!


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                  shes very pretty

                  yes a girl i know on another forum bred her beardies(well the male somehow got into the females tank)

                  but anyway she has 23 hatchlings and she says she goes through about 1000 crickets a week lol
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