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dragon attacks woman in shower...

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  • dragon attacks woman in shower...

    Ok, so it was a bearded dragon...and he didn't really attack...and I was the woman in the shower...

    Dewi, my spoiled rotten beardie, gets a soak at least once a week. Normally either Thursday or Friday. I put him in a sweater box tub filled 1/2 way with water while I take a shower. That way it doesn't take any time out of my morning routine getting ready for work.

    Well, today he decided he didn't want a bath after being in less than 5 mins (usually I have to drag him out after 20-30 mins, so this is unusual). Well, I was already in the shower, so I just left him on the bathroom floor to drip dry on his towel. As I just finished shampooing my hair my conditioner bottle that had been sitting on the side of the tub came crashing in.

    Well, it was green, and normally not sitting there, so I figured he thought it was food. No biggie. Well, right as I have my face completely doused in soap I hear a large crashing noise at the other end of the tub. Frantically I rinse the soap from my face, and there sits Dewi. I say, what on earth are you doing????? and toss him out of the tub, back on his towel.

    A short time later, while attempting to rinse conditioner from my hair, I see him lauch himself back into the shower. WTH Dewi??!?!?!? And, I toss him back out.

    Third time (still finishing rinsing the conditioner, so almost immediately after the last toss) launches himself again, and this time makes a mad dash to the end of the shower where the water actually is. As I pick him up and ask him WTH again, he struggles towards the raining water. So, I say, is THIS what you want????????????? And, proceed to stick him under the running water. Well, wouldn't you know he closes his eyes, flattens out in my hand like he would if he was under his heat lamp and I swear I heard him sigh.

    When he finally opened his eyes, he had a wild look in his eyes so I went to put him back on his towel, but he reached for my hair...grabbing it with both his hands and holding it like a raccoon would. It was adorable, so I told him how cute he was even if he was being completely psycho...he leaned back towards the water again and acted as though he was going to leap back into it. So, I put him back under it again. And, again, closed his eyes and flattened out. This happened three times.

    I finally told him that as much fun as that had been I needed to go to work, so I quickly finished my shower (with a dragon in one hand) and turned it off.

    He grabbed my hair again as I got out.

    Not sure what that was about, but it was so freakin weird for a beardie, and he was SO freakin adorable holding my hair and looking into my eyes I had to share. the heck and I supposed to take a shower from now on?!?!?!?!?

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    Hahaha, thats so funny, I can only imagine! What a personality he must have!
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      That is a very cute story, I might have to give my Beardie a shower....
      He just loves being spritzed so Im sure hed love the shower.
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        hahahahah you don't know how hard that made me laugh


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          hahaha that is crazy
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            That was rather funny!
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              That sounds so cute!

              I'm thinking of getting a Beardie when I'm older.

              They certainly sound like pretty interesting characters!
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                Haha, this sounds pretty cute... and funny. (: A beardie is the next thing I'm adding to my collection, actually.
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                  Thanks guys...thought fellow reptile lovers might get a kick out of it. He let me give him a normal bath last week, but looked like he was pouting. I'm hoping that was just a one time thing and he doesn't try to join me when I soak him tomorrow!

                  Silly Dewi!

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                    lol that's great! My bearded dragon who passed last year, Miss Priss, used to LOVE the rain. It almost looked like she was dancing in it spinning around and such. Guess they enjoy a shower every once in a while.
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                      Very cute story!
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                        I agree, ohh ahhh how cute.

                        I know they make purches for parrots to put in the shower, I wonder if you could set on up for him???
                        and the zoo