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Wood shaving bedding for mealworms

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  • Wood shaving bedding for mealworms

    One of my local hardware/garden stores has a little pet section (no pet shop here). They have a bunch of aspen as well as paper bedding for rodents.

    Was thinking of buying some to use as bedding for feeders. (Crickets, mealworms, super worms). Can this work? I know people have kept them on this bedding with zero issue, just have to mix in a bit of oats or powdered food in with it. And vegetables on top.

    I’d like to try it with crickets especially since I’ve heard it absorbs the smell a little.

    I’m assuming this isn’t a problem so long as the insects are getting enough food, and as long as the wood shavings aren’t pine or cedar.

    I heard coco fiber can work too but I’d like to try the shavings or paper. Far as I know they’ll breed just the same as long as they’re getting enough food.

    I’d like to stay away from oats/wheat/bran bedding if possible.